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Interpreter accompaniment

Professional medical interpreters help both patients and doctors to understand each other during an appointment. Our language experts deliver accurate interpreting encounters that reflect cultural understanding and linguistic nuance. They are carefully selected for their advanced language, interpersonal and professional qualities.

MedLango offers help of interpreters on 8 languages in 18 cities, on German territory. Our system chooses the best option for you and gives you a competitive price. You can choose source/target language as well as a medical subject for your specific case. Give us information about where you are and what kind of interpreter you wish for. Choose the payment that you are comfortable with and receive the confirmation from MedLango team.

Now, you can book your interpreter within 60 seconds.

Translation of medical documents

Translation of medical reports, clinical studies or product declaration needs to be prepared by specialized translators. Errors or omissions in a medical documents translation can create unnecessary, even deadly, risk to the patients. MedLango’s translators have extensive training and experience in the medical translation field.

Medical Translations:

  • Various specializations
  • Medical reports
  • Clinical studies
  • Web pages

Translations for the Pharmaceutical Industry:

  • Product declarations
  • Package inserts for medications

Translations for General Health Care:

  • Preventative healthcare
  • Nutrition/health
  • Healthcare-/nursing management